Sizing Chart

First time owners of Cat Jackets must allow for the cat to get used to their new harness in the safety of their own home to ensure that they are comfortable with it. They may flop down on their side and not move. This is not uncommon and should not cause concern.

Dependant on the size of your beloved kitty, our cat jackets are fully adjustable, to meet the needs of a growing kitten to a fully grown adult cat.

Measure your collar size by taking a measurement around where you would add a collar. For the chest you can measure under their chest area just behind the front legs.


Size Guide

Kitten – Sub Adult

Adjustable Collar sizes from 20cm to 27cm

Adjustable Chest sizes from 30cm to 37cm


Sub Adult - Adult Cat

Adjustable Collar sizes from 30cm to 33cm

Adjustable Chest sizes from 42cm to 51cm

Click on the link (below) for Harness training for your cat: