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Kitten - 4-8 months ~ roughly upto 20cm/8inch neck and upto 30cm/10 inch chest.
Adult - anything above kitten size but please add measurements as sometimes they need to be custom made above standard, no extra charge!

Butterfly Cat Jackets

Present Cat walking jackets and harnesses

You are looking at my handmade Cat Walking Jackets/Harnesses; these are very robust and are given attention to detail when being sewn and handmade for you and your cat.

After extensive testing with a variety of materials and thread we have hit upon a combination of both; to ensure, that when tested, with our very strong and energetic Bengal cats, they serve their purpose.

· Safe and Secure fitting for your feline friend

· Stylish and funky designs

· Strong, fully adjustable Velcro fastening

· Strongly secured metal D ring, to attach your Cat lead

· Just add a lead (Not supplied)DO NOT TETHER

· Just add a Cat (Ours are not for sale in this listing)

These durable Jackets are made so that they can be fastened securely and safely around their neck and chest area. Whilst also providing a comfortable fit.

Walking your cat will stimulate their senses and eliminate boredom.

It will keep them healthy & help boost their growth and development.

Remember to always keep your Cat on a lead and never leave unattended.

First time owners of Cat Jackets must allow for the cat to get used to their new harness in the safety of their own home to ensure that they are comfortable with it. They may flop down on their side and not move. This is not uncommon and should not cause concern.

Dependant on the size of your beloved kitty, our cat jackets are fully adjustable, to meet the needs of a growing kitten to a fully grown adult cat.


To ensure that you are getting the correct size for your cat and a bespoke handmade jacket, please ensure that you measure around your cat’s neck area and also measure the chest area, just in behind the front leg

. Send this in a message, or in the note section at check

Your handmade to order product will normally be despatched within 7-10 business days. 


I will get back to you as soon as I can, shoul you have any questions

Please click on the link to read an article harness training your cat: Bengal Cat World Here you will see their cats wearing our very own Jackets.